Hey, it's Yousei!

Hey cool folks, Yousei's finally on itch now! Not only that, it's a really swell updated version! We've redone all the backgrounds and the exploration system, so it should be prettier to look at and easier to navigate! Hope you enjoy it!


Windows/Linux 176 MB
Aug 28, 2018
Mac 160 MB
Aug 28, 2018

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Hiya! I’m wondering if this third episode will be available on Switch at all? I didn’t realize this was available here/Steam, to be honest, and have the other two on Switch. I also didn’t realize there was a fourth episode, so I’d be curious about that, too.


Hello! The Switch version of Yousei is currently in progress and hopefully coming this year. The fourth installment for PC is also in progress, and we are hoping to release the console version very nearly after the PC version is out.

Terribly sorry for the late reply!

And thank you very much for the update! I’m very excited!


so when will part 4 come on steam/itch? i loved all 3 episodes so far but that cliffhanger ending in episode 3 really annoyed me so how is the process with episode 4 going?

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No idea, but we've got a ton of the assets done for it finally! We're aiming for this year. You can swing by our Discord channel if you haven't already to keep track of my progress.

Quick question, I just got this (along with the other two titles in the series) and Yousei didn't have a Steam Key available on the download page. Just wanted to double check on that. Thanks! Can't wait to play these again :D


Just checked, and itch says there are still available keys for Yousei. Added a couple more just in case. Please try requesting one again.


Thank you! It worked just now. For some odd reason the request button didn't pop up last night, but it happened for other people's games as well. A mystery.