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Cute mystery game with romance. Just be warned - IT"S OTOME! It's not for everyone, but if that's your genre or you're interested in giving it a go - without a doubt worth playing through and experiencing at least one of the routes.

The switching of scenery between real life and in game life was quite interesting. And of course slowly discovering various secrets of people. Learning about people step by step is rather entertaining. And they all have their own uniqueness.

Absolutely nothing to complain about regarding artstyle. Characters are designed very well. Same can be said about locations and backgrounds.

Years back covered one ending on YouTube, which can be found on RE: Alistari++ playlist I made. After all those years finally sat to see the other endings on my own. Should have done so from the very beginning.

will there ever be compatibility with  mac catalina?? looks great and i'd love to play it

I don't have an Apple developer account, but I will be able to make a web version so you can play it in your browser on itch!

oh ok, thank you!!

btw, when can we play the remake, just asking.

Unsure, but hopefully I'll have it out next year. There was a LOT of custom code in the original that doesn't work with the updated engine, so I'm rewriting basically all of the coding.

Hi. Since you are upgrading this game, could you maybe add self-voicing to this vn as i would really like to play it?

Absolutely! Thank you for asking.

i downloaded the game and everything was working just fine for a while, i saved my game and shut my computer down, and when i tried to play the game again i couldnt load, save, or skip anymore! i downloaded it again but it didnt work

That's very strange. This was built on a fairly old version of an engine, and I am currently working on upgrading it to the newest version. If you follow this game page, you'll get a notif when it's updated. Hopefully the new version will be better!

thank you so much!!

I just played for the first time, binged all of it, haha. I loved it! I cannot believe how much I loved it. This is a decade old (more than), and yet it feels more genuine and original that most of the stuff, today. That’s incredible.

Anyway, I got all of the ends, the profile cards show, and all the CGs - except (1) CG (the 2nd one in “others”). And clicking the “bonus?” menu button doesn’t do anything. I just wanted to know if I was missing how to either get the last CG or if the “extra ends” I saw were the bonus ends, and nothing is needed after clicking the “bonus?” menu button.


Thank you for playing! I'm glad that people are still enjoying it even now.

The bonus only unlocks after you get all the endings, including the two alternate "alone" endings. This is also built on an older version of the engine. I'll be upgrading it eventually, so that might help. But if you haven't gotten the alone endings, try those first.

I haven’t! So, that’s likely it! Thank you!

And again, kudos on the game in the first place. I’m about to tackle the spiritual sequel :)

Yes! That was it, thank you! That worked! I loved it, thanks!


Loved it years ago when I first played it, still loving it now. I hope you're all doing well :)


I played this back and high school and now that I'm in college I'm redownloading it for nostalgia sake. I already know this is going to end up being free therapy and I'm perfectly okay with that


So, I was just browsing TVTropes and happened across the RE: Alistair++ page. The NOSTALGIA that hit me. Then I kept seeing mentions of a RE-release?! You KNOW I came running as soon as I heard! This game means such an UNBELIEVABLE amount to me. I'm so excited to play the re-release; if nothing else than to simply replay one of the most delightful games I've ever played.


i love the game

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honestly remember playing this in school and quite literally helped me through so much. it's still my fav og vn

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Literally best game and the first Otome Visual Novel that i played  (T▽T) i think i play this game when i was still a teenager ( 2012 i think ) now i already an adult and see this game again really bring back a lot of memories ༼ಢ_ಢ༽ thanks sakevisual for making this game exists

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if this game has remakes, I'll buy it right away lmao

When I downloaded it said 'forbidden'. Please help me, I really want to play!

Are you using a Mac?

No. Mine is windows

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Alright. I will see if I can rebuild it to make it work. Which version of Windows are you using?

Ah, please don't trouble yourself with that! I just had to redownload it ^^

But thank you for your quick response~! I really enjoyed the game :3


Oh man this brings me back! This is the first otome game I ever played and when I redownloaded it, I was a little scared that it wouldn't hold up to my memories, but it did! Merui is super cute and I still love Shiro just as much as I did when I first played it almost 10 years ago!


This was the first otome game I ever played. This game made me fall in love with visual novels and showed me how beautiful this genre is.  I love this game and have replayed it over and over. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this game. It's so charming! I like Travis and Shiro equally Dx

it always an error to me T-T nooo i cant download it


Omg my first visual novel! I loved this from the first time I played this and still replay it now and then. Travis is still my favorite, love that grumpy glasses guy XD

help when I downloaded it I just get a file with pics and videos how do I play it

This was my first dating sim ever! or at least my first one outside of deviantart flash dating sims lol. i was like 12 when i first saw it and i think i finished it in one day lol (at least i think i was 12. im almost 20 now and i dont remember lolz im old)

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Okay, I just had to put this out there... THIS IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GAME IN EXISTENCE!! Everything from the storyline to each character's personality is truly and utterly impeccable. I played this game in March (But I didn't complete it) and at 12 am today, I had a sudden urge to play it again. I've just completed every character's ending at 2.47 am and I'm sorry, but I'm not mentally okay. Sure, this game looks "old" but it is so enjoyable!!!!!!!!!! All characters are extremely lovable and unique, still can't choose my favourite (probably Shiro or Derek). I really feel like playing it all again!!

The artstyle is soooooooooooooo adorable (so are the characters!!). I also love the mix of online games and "real life". This makes it so cool! It inspired me to think of playing online games uwu.

Travis' route:

Travis is a cutie!! He was accidentally the first route I took. The whole grumpy nerd he had going on at the beginning was somehow very cute. And I'm sorry, but when he said he'd be my guardian in real life, you have no idea how much my heart melted. BOI!!!!!!!!! YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL!! Like tbf, he really is. My fav quote: "Hm...I wonder" <3

Shiro's route:

Shiro is by far the cutest guy in this game. When he was tsundere-like at the beginning, I found it so adorable yet quite annoying. "Child, I'm trying to be your friend!!" Was what was going through my mind when he wouldn't look at me. I find the story with his parents so sad but I'm glad you guys put a positive spin on it!! When Rui fell on top of him, that was the highlight of my experience with this games uwu. Alsoooo you have no idea how shooketh I was when I found out who he was in the online game. He's such a gentleman n'awwwww- WOWZA I LOVE HIM-!!

Derek's route:

At first I didn't really like Derek because he seemed like a fuckboy. But I eventually fell for his charm and boy!! Am I glad that I did!! I absolutely adore Derek and I worked so hard to win his heart. It was so worth it though. I love his protectiveness and his energy. And I also REALLY(!!) love how he can be sincere sometimes. I was extremely shocked when I found out his character. I loved his CGs... I LOVED ALL OF THEIR CGS!!

Just keep playing until you get the extra ending for your chosen route and I promise you you will be the most satisfied person in the world. Or play every character and get the bonus ending too! 

I'm also missing a CG from the others' gallery, please can someone tell me how to find it? Thanks :)))))))))))))))))

Thank you for creating this stunning game, it gives me lifffffffffffffffffffffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


I have recently just finished this game and I'm in love with it! Thank you for your hard work!

[However, I seem to be missing a CG from the 'Others' gallery. Would anyone give me hints?]

The OG of otome games.

i remember playing this one a long time ago i love this one!!





I really loved this game! I was skeptical at first, but I really got invested in it... I didn't end up with any romance in the end... but I did get to bust Alistair irl! Boy, was that satisfying ;) 
I'll 100% be playing it again to get myself some romance! 

I enjoyed this game very much! :D

I'm super sad... I went to save, and it gave me an error message. :(

I played it a long time ago and it was the first real visual novel that I've played and I could not be happier. Since then I'm hooked and whenever someone ask me for recommendation, I tell them about this game.


Hi! I agree with the commenter below me; it was totally worth playing the game over and over for three hours to unlock all five endings. I will admit, I've had this game downlaoded for sometime but for some reason I never played it. BOOOOY, was I missing out! I think the idea is cute, the whole mixing a video game within their lives and mixing mystery with romance! In the beginning I found it hard because I thought I wouldn't be able to complete my project with Shiro (sorry babe) and also find enough information for Alistar, but I was worried for nothing! It was simple!

Shiro's Route- Shiro was the first route I completed, and it was actually all by accident! I usually don't go for the shy guys in otome games, I'm not sure why but they just never interest me. But Shiro was different. He was sweet, but also had a side to him that made me emo enough to keep working on my project. At first I was trying my hardest for Derek, but I guess with me buying the Greek book and working on my project majority of the time I ended up matching Shiro's stats! My first play through I wanted to make sure Rui was super smart, so I put a ton of effort into her intelligence meter. Then I just balanced social and networking out. Along with that, I was super worried that I would fail my project with Shiro, so I bought the Greek book and also worked on my project often. Even though my heart was set on Derek, I ended up ending with Shiro!

Speaking of that mess, I was SO SHOOK when I found out who Alistar was! I had the biggest feeling it was Derek,,,,,,because I realized Travis had to be Oda and I felt that Shiro was too nice to be that sassy online; but I still chose Shiro when I was asked who I believed it was. I was so shaken when he yelled that it wasn't him and tried to stick up for Rui in front of Derek. Good times.  Shiro was a sweet character and was probably my favorite. Love you forever Fiona!!!

Derek's Route- okay, this route pissed me off. i spent an hour trying to complete it and it's all because i never gave a thought towards my stats! i bought the dress on my own, and also ate at the gym and mall all the time but i never ended up with derek. i was honestly at witts end and started to read the comments. i didnt even realize that there was a walkthrough until i read one of the comments and i am so so so thankful that i found the walkthrough! i probably would still be stuck in that never ending loop i was in! derek's route when played right was interesting. the whole time in my mind i kept yelling "ok??? well im ur gf so u need to start acting right." i was super frustrated with all the bad endings when he, as alistar, wouldnt give back the blessed stone. but it all paid off when i got his good + bonus ending! it was so cute. i enjoyed his cg's the most, and i also found him the most attractive. (unless we're counting travis w/o his glasses bc tbh that took my heart) most of all, the shadiest! but its okay. hes still cute.

Travis' Route- this may have been the easiest route i got. at this point, i was tired (its almost 1am and i played this whole game in three hours) and was living off of the walkthrough. thank goodness i did because i would not have known what to buy for travis to like me! i found his story line to be the saddest, but it made me respect his character the most. i loved the banter he and rui shared right from the very beginning, and B E L I E V E me i was SO shaken when he pinned rui to the wall and went psycho when he encouraged her to report alistar. his love for video games and his protectiveness over rui made me swoooon, especially when he called her princess during the bonus ending ahhhh. i love it. another big thing that shocked me was when he revealed he was a mod! i knew deep down that he was oda, but i NEVER expected him to be a mod! it really cleared everything up.

thank you for creating this game! it was very light hearted but also had me emotional over the sadder parts, (travis' mother, shiro's parents), and swooning over the romantic parts (yes derek, give me another back hug.). overall i believe this is a solid game and i encourage everyone to give it a try. the story line is hilarious, and the music is spot on! good luck on your future projects, ill be waiting for them! xoxo

sorry this was so long oh goodness

It was totally worth the multiple playthroughs to unlock all of the romantic endings. However, I do have one major issue to press. There is a difference between "your" and "you're". From the emails I unlocked, you seemed to have neglected to use "you're" in a couple of them where you should have. I only mention this because one of them belonged to Shiro, who is characterized by his preference towards intelligence. To have that kind of simple spelling error in his message just seemed off.

I will give you bonus points for the replay value though. No matter how many times I play the game through, it feels like there are still scenes I haven't read, especially during lunch time. And as there is only so much money you can make/spend, it's a challenge to budget correctly to optimize the amount of item scenes you'll receive in return.

Since I happen to be writing this rather late, please for me for not including more detail. Any spelling mistakes I've made can also be blamed on this reason. I just wanted to inform you that your team has done a very good job putting this together and that you should be proud of your creation. Just have to say though that you kind of made it obvious on who "Alistair" really was. Though Oda's identity was a bit of a surprise. Definitely think the character pairings were accurate once they were properly matched and considered, so excellent job with that.

Anyways, I'll end my little monologue here, so thank you for your time. I hope you continue to make great games as fun as this one.

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Hi, is there any difference (other than size) between this 160mb's and Lemma's 51mb's realistair_installer.exe OR 53mb's Tq!

This has updated sprites, some extra CGs, and it's built on the latest version of the engine so there's a lot more compatibility with modern computers. The story and gameplay are the same.

Oh, I see! Noted, I'll redownload then, thank you so much for your kind reply!

Just asking, does this game have any nudity?

 My friend doesn't want to get in trouble with that.

No nudity! RE: Alistair++ is family friendly.

Thnx for answering!!! A girl I know who’s 15 wanted to know so she could play. I’ve played some and love the art style. It reminds me of Dramatical Murder, No, Thank You, and Camp Buddy. Great job!!!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

I enjoyed the game, it was awesome in its own individual way.

I really loved how our characters switched between the Game and the Real World, and since all of them have their own little secrets to discover, the game is exciting till the end.

I liked the stats system, even though i had to play the whole game over five times because i missed one CG and couldnt find the right way to impress the boy for the last CG ;p

All in all, a pretty unique game with beautiful art (and CG's) a nice stats system and many other cool features. :)



Does this game doesn't work with windows 10?

i mean system cannot find file specified

help it wont let me download the game it keeps saying page not specified

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