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RE: Alistair++ is a free visual novel/otome sim game by sakevisual.


Merui loves video games, especially her favorite MMORPG, Rivenwell Online. Merui also has a very short temper, so when some JERK named Alistair steals a rare item from her, she's determined to exact revenge on him. Unfortunately, she has no idea who he is in real life. But hey, that's never stopped anyone, right? Take control of Merui and make new friends, balance schoolwork and fun, go shopping, search for the culprit, and maybe even discover a new romance.


Character Design, Art - Lulin Guo
Programming - Graeme Foote
Scenario, Writing - Ayu Sakata
Full Credits


Enjoy playing RE: Alistair++? Wish it was longer with voices, a bigger wardrobe, and way more dating options? Check out the spiritual sequel, Backstage Pass! Same team, even more stuff to play!

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More information

Published1 year ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Tags2D, Anime, Dating Sim, Female Protagonist, Multiple Endings, Otome, otome-game, renpy, Romance, Visual Novel
Average durationA few minutes

Install instructions

Download the zip file and extract it.


realistair-1-1-all.zip (176 MB)
realistair-1.1-win.zip (160 MB)


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i mean system cannot find file specified

help it wont let me download the game it keeps saying page not specified

Cute mystery and light romance; it was interesting to see the foundations of mechanics from your later game, Backstage Pass, in this adventure (e.g. the store, the impact of stats on characters and events, etc.). Shiro's route was Liz's favorite, but that may be because she preferred his personality. On our first playthrough, we struggled to get his and Derek's events; Liz later used a walkthrough to figure out on what days to visit them. Hopefully we can feature your other game on Dizzi soon.

Also, it was great inspiration for Liz to learn more about Renpy. Thanks! :)

cute art style

Amazing game~ °^°! It was super interessting and fun and i really like the art style ^^

hi!so i have a problem.When i put the game in full screen it stays the same size and moves to the top corner of the computer screen.Can i do anything to make it full screen?

This was the game that got me into all the other Sakevisual games. Absolutely amazing. Can't believe it's free!

nice astetic


quiero jugar!!!!!

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Omg, I loved this game!! Great work!!

Hey.. help me. I can't download the file. Everytime I try to download it the pop-up shows up saying the source file could not be read. What should i do ?

It might be a problem with Firefox. Try downloading it using a different browser.


I love this game i rate it 4/5 but i hate the fact is that through out the days i just have to keep doing the same thing over and over again which got boring

Hey, so I have a mac and I've downloaded the game[the zip all] and it won't allow me to open it, I've checked my security settings and everything but the application just isn't opening properly.

Are you sure you downloaded the one for mac?

Yes, 100%.


Ok apparently its something with my computer and somes games that were made on Renpy for some reason??? (but not all of Renpy games???) so I'll figure it out.

Hi! Apparently I have the same problem as you and for the other games that have exe file. So please, if you find the solution, please tell me here. I saw a comment of someone who had the same problem as us and sakevisual said we should open realistair.app which have a big purple icon, but I can't find it. :/ Thank you!!

What I did is I found the file that had the game icon and right clicked to view the package contents then went into Mac Os foulder and then clicked on the code looking icon and the game started playing

Oh, right, the package content... Alright, I can start my game now. Thank you so much! :D

Derek looks like Odd from code lyoko

No, not at all XD

Hmm, I can't seem to download it? Everytime I try to download it the pop-up shows up to say thank you (but it does say at the bottom that the javascript is void?)

That could be an issue with how your browser handles itch.io's code. Try using a different browser to download it if you can. If that doesn't work, we also have a mirror of this file on ModDB: http://www.moddb.com/games/re-alistair/downloads/re-alistair


Interesting, fun and quick to play :D

where do i play this game

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