Ten Years!

Today (Feb. 28, 2020) is the tenth anniversary of the first release of RE: Alistair! It’s kind of a weird thing for me to comprehend, because I never imagined that this VN would matter for a single year, much less ten. When we first released it, otome games weren’t very well-known, so I was worried that no one would care. But as it turns out, a lot of people cared, and we are forever grateful for you. Thank you for ten years, all!

My big tangential dream for sakevisual has always been a cafe event, and while I feel like the actual day is still far away, I decided to do a DIY version for fun. These were very trial and error, so I don’t have exact recipes, but here’s a list of what I made:

RuiOfTheSword - Strawberry Green Tea w/ Milk Foam
Strawberry syrup is made by cooking down strawberries and adding sugar. Add it to green tea as you please. I used a milk frother to make the milk foam, but if I’m being honest, it’s mostly for looks. You can just pour milk straight in if you want.

Alistair - Matcha Latte w/ Chocolate Cookies
Probably the easiest one to make, since it’s literally just matcha blended into hot milk with sugar to taste. Throw a Pocky in or something. It’s fun!

FionaWings - Honey Milk Tea w/ Honeycomb
My favorite one of the bunch! I made the milk tea by steeping black tea in hot milk, then added frothed milk and a piece of honeycomb. The honeycomb melts in the hot milk and makes the drink nice and sweet.

Oda - Butterfly Pea Tisane w/ White Pearl Boba
Butterfly Pea blossoms are a beautiful blue color when brewed, but only impart a very subtle floral flavor. Brew with white tea or lemongrass for a stronger flavor.

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Happy Anniversary! I'll always remember this VN with so much warmth and fondness! First I ever played, which really opened me up to looking for more like it.  All the best!


Happy anniversary!

I remember playing this when it came out, and thinking how cute it was. Hard to believe that was 10 years ago!!!

Seeing this post has reminded me of how much I enjoyed it, and I might just have to play it again now out of nostalgia.

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Happy anniversary, RE Alistair++! You were probably my first otome game that was truly good and also not a deviantART flash game.

This is the cutest celebration post, I've got to make some of these.