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Cute mystery and light romance; it was interesting to see the foundations of mechanics from your later game, Backstage Pass, in this adventure (e.g. the store, the impact of stats on characters and events, etc.). Shiro's route was Liz's favorite, but that may be because she preferred his personality. On our first playthrough, we struggled to get his and Derek's events; Liz later used a walkthrough to figure out on what days to visit them. Hopefully we can feature your other game on Dizzi soon.

Also, it was great inspiration for Liz to learn more about Renpy. Thanks! :)

cute art style

Amazing game~ °^°! It was super interessting and fun and i really like the art style ^^

hi!so i have a problem.When i put the game in full screen it stays the same size and moves to the top corner of the computer screen.Can i do anything to make it full screen?

This was the game that got me into all the other Sakevisual games. Absolutely amazing. Can't believe it's free!

nice astetic


quiero jugar!!!!!

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Omg, I loved this game!! Great work!!

Hey.. help me. I can't download the file. Everytime I try to download it the pop-up shows up saying the source file could not be read. What should i do ?

It might be a problem with Firefox. Try downloading it using a different browser.


I love this game i rate it 4/5 but i hate the fact is that through out the days i just have to keep doing the same thing over and over again which got boring

Hey, so I have a mac and I've downloaded the game[the zip all] and it won't allow me to open it, I've checked my security settings and everything but the application just isn't opening properly.

Are you sure you downloaded the one for mac?

Yes, 100%.


Ok apparently its something with my computer and somes games that were made on Renpy for some reason??? (but not all of Renpy games???) so I'll figure it out.

Hi! Apparently I have the same problem as you and for the other games that have exe file. So please, if you find the solution, please tell me here. I saw a comment of someone who had the same problem as us and sakevisual said we should open which have a big purple icon, but I can't find it. :/ Thank you!!

What I did is I found the file that had the game icon and right clicked to view the package contents then went into Mac Os foulder and then clicked on the code looking icon and the game started playing

Oh, right, the package content... Alright, I can start my game now. Thank you so much! :D

Derek looks like Odd from code lyoko

No, not at all XD

Hmm, I can't seem to download it? Everytime I try to download it the pop-up shows up to say thank you (but it does say at the bottom that the javascript is void?)

That could be an issue with how your browser handles's code. Try using a different browser to download it if you can. If that doesn't work, we also have a mirror of this file on ModDB:


Interesting, fun and quick to play :D

where do i play this game

i don't know I'm new to the game😐

I have a question, the walkthrough talks about buying items to get extra scenes but how do i buy items with the money earned?

At certain events you can choose to go to the mall. If you don't run into someone there, you can pick a shop to visit. You can buy as many items from the shops as you can afford.


thank you!

Help! Whenever I try to run "realistair.exe" it won´t open and a message appears saying "Could not execute". What should I do? TTwTT

Which operating system are you using?

I wanted to know before i decide to get this, do you actually play the MMORPG?

No. The gameplay format is visual novel point-and-click only.

thank you!

10/10 when it comes to cuteness. Short, but really enjoyable. Thank you! :)

Thank you! And thank you for playing!

Hi there <3

So i downloaded the zipfile~thingy and I'm not really a professional with computers... But when I wanted to extract the file it said: Protected archive. And I need to put in a code or something. So here is the problem.. I don't know that code.... Please help me


The file shouldn't be protected. It's automatically generated by Ren'py and doesn't have any password protection. I've added a second upload (Windows only - let me know if you need the Mac version instead). Hopefully that will work.


The link worked,

Thank you soooo~ much <33


Worth my time :3

Such a cute game~xx


Worth my time :3

Such a cute game~xx

You shouldn't need to extract the file, just open the zip file (double click) and then you should find the game's symbol (little head with black hair i think), I bet you'll figure out how to find it, then just open that and it should be the game.

Hello, so I downloaded this on my macbook air. It's pretty new, but when I unzipped the file and clicked on realistair.exe, it said that the file can't be played on it. Is there any other way to open it or is it not possible? >:

If you're on a Macbook, you'll want to look for If I recall correctly, it'll have a big purple icon.

Hey. Soo i played the game for the first time today and it was sooooo me to get the worst ending possible. I'm trying again tomorrow but with a lil bit more thinking. haha. This game is really fun, i love it!

Glad you're enjoying it! If you need a little bump, there are hints and a walkthrough at our website:

When I downloaded the game, it didn't work properly and I don't know where to start it, can someone please explain?

Did you unzip the file first? It should go into a new folder, then you'll see a file called "realistair.exe." That's the game.


Yes I did that, also after I kept on trying to open the game I think it said something like, this game will not work on this device. So I think that at the very beginning it would not work for me and the device which I am using is a Chrose 0S. Can you please try to find out if the game will work for my device or not? If you can't then I appreciate all your help! Thanks!

Chrome is not currently supported, but it's definitely something we're working towards getting off the ground. Right now, you can play on Windows, Mac, or Linux.

Gee This Game Rocks .

Ah... This feels nostalgic to play. I've actually played it a few years back, probably 6 years ago(I was 12?! LOL) and I had fun playing it! I'll consider to play it once again since RE: Alistair++ was my very first visual novel that I've ever played. Keep up the good work you guys! I hope you continue to make games like this.

This is a really fun game and I enjoyed it a lot but for some reason I can never get a Shiro ending? I just get the default ending instead. I followed your walkthrough exactly and still didn't get him... Kinda sad.

Woah! This game is soo awesome. I enjoyed playing this game, didn't have any problem on it to so it's 5 star rating! :)) But i just wanna ask you one question. What'll i do if i can't use the bonus part? The one where it can be unlocked after you finished all the route. I tried clicking it many times now but i can't have any access to it. Can you please tell me what to do?

Have you gotten the alone endings as well? There are two you have to get before the bonus part opens.

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Hmm. I'm pretty sure i got all the endings. I even searched for a walkthrough. I guess? I'm not sure, since it's been a month. Sorry.

I download it, it gets corrupted.... HELP! :C


Try removing the period between 1.1 in the filename. Your computer may be parsing the file incorrectly.


disculpcomo elimino el comprendido entre 1.1 ?

Rebautice el nombro del archivo a ""

everytime i download it.. it gets corrupted or something :'( when i unzip it it says empty.. ~cry~

Try removing the period between 1.1 in the filename. Your computer may be parsing the file incorrectly.

I'm pretty new at this. Apparently I've downloaded this game... Now how do I play it?


Unzip the download into a new folder, then look for "realistair.exe" and run that.

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